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Many thanks to Chris Pollay and the National Clothesline Team!

    Professional Finishing


CCA Finishing Program A Great Success

CCA’s 2018 educational program got off to a strong start with a professional finishing workshop held in San Francisco, CA.  The program was generously hosted by Laundry Locker.

“The CCA Board”, observed Peter Blake, CCA Executive Director, “is committed to offering relatively low-cost, high value education opportunities to all their members.  The Education Committee has promised to hold a minimum of 2 workshops and one larger program in both Northern California and Southern California, and we got off to a terrific start for 2018.”

CCA partnered with Jim Groshans, Head Coach at FabriCoach, LLC to lead the technical workshop. He is an outstanding resource for the association, and for the industry.  His program was very well received, and the attendees all thought the program was well worth the investment in time and money.

“The reason I chose coaching for my company’s theme,” offered Jim Groshans, “is because I believe in the buy-in.  Training  and teaching too often can be one-way, coaching is two way.  We work together to find new and creative ways to improve services, productivity, and/or quality.  Coaching is designed to get the best out of your staff.  I think this class exemplified that.  We highlighted a full day of Finishing -- and they still wanted more so we spent some bonus time on the Spotting Board.”

The Art of Professional Finishing
The CCA workshop used a combination of classroom and hands-on training to guide participants through the complexities of properly finished garments.  

“Finishing is a lot more than ‘pressing’ garments,” cautioned Groshans.  “It is  really skill and talent combined with knowledge.  To be good at finishing garments, you have to understand fibers, fabrics, and the desired look a garment is looking to achieve.  We make sure the participants all understand what a properly finished garment looks like --as well as how to achieve it.”

All participants in the program got the opportunity to use the presses and to learn first-hand some of the tips and techniques they can use to be more efficient.

“This was a great class”, continued Groshans.  “I was impressed with the caliber of the participants, as well as the growth they showed over the course of the program.”


The seminar explores:

  • Producing a quality-finished garment in drycleaning and laundry

  • Setting production standards for both drycleaning and shirt laundry

  • Setting individual, departmental and plant PPH’s

  • Managing your production floor, decrease your labor hours and increase your profitability

  • Understanding the importance of work flow and proper equipment placement

Consumer Service

SEFA Workshop Features FabriCoach

Head Coach Jim Groshans was the featured speaker at the South Eastern Fabricare Association's recent workshops in Chattanooga, TN. He drew on his wealth of industry experience -- both in front of the counter and behind it-- to highlight ways to enhance your customer experience.

Groshans focused on the key components of customer service, but did it with a fresh perspective. He was able to relate the staff as a complete team with every aspect of the business playing a role in customer service.  Too often managers and owners incorrectly assume the front counter bears all the customer service responsibilities, when in fact, the production employees all play a pivotal role.
"This was a GREAT program," offered attendee Julia Campbell of Savannah, GA.  "it was great to see how much we actually do right, and it reinforced the the need to be diligent in our handling of garments -- and the customers.  I can't wait for the program to come to Georgia, I want to take my staff."


"I really appreciated his unique angle of discussing how all parts of the cleaner, from front to back, all impact the role of customer service," observed Don Holecek, SEFA President. "Jim has over 35 years in our industry starting as a young boy in the family business to working for a major chemical company for over 20 years.  His experience in all aspects of our industry will be a major asset to someone who needs Jim to come and visit their business."

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